Jav Afzooneh Avar Company (J.A.A) established in 2017 as an innovative formulator and anufacturer of improving additives for chemical , liquid ,and powder coating industry.using state-of-the-art science, technology and laboratories, we eagerly welcome to all challenges in chemistry additive world.
With the aim of gain a substantial Share in global market, our products are formulated and roduced based on detailed researches and tests .
Achieving the certificate of “science –Based product” from the “Vice presidency for science and technology” of IRAN, for our Knowledge-based product lines including:
• Powder coating flow and leveling agent
• Powder coating Gloss and surface promoter agent
Indicates our deep attention to the quality of our products.
Our main field of activity is focused on the paint and coating industry, However our new products are being introduced in various fields of the chemical industry, and we welcome any request according to the needs .